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  • Top Dating Sites for October 2021 Ranking Analysis

    Top 8 dating sites keep their position on recently updated Top Dating Sites ranking with Tinder on top. Free dating site Mamba moves up by one place to 9th position. Affairs dating site Ashley Madison moves up by two places to 16th position. Dating site Mocospace moves up by two positions to 19th place. Dating […]

  • Top Dating Sites for April 2021 Ranking Analysis

    Dating site Tinder moves up by one position and takes 1st place on recently update Top Dating Sites list. Gay dating site Romeo moves up by one position to 6th place. Online dating site OkCupid moves up by one position to 9th place on the list. Senior dating site OurTime moves up by two positions […]

  • Top Dating Sites for March 2021 Ranking Analysis

    Top 5 dating sites on recently updated Top 25 Dating Sites March 2021 ranking keep their positions with Badoo remaining on top. First changes on the list is on 6th place where Tagged moves up by one position. Sugar dating site Secret Benefits and affairs dating site Ashley Madison move up by one position to […]

  • Top Dating Sites for February 2020 Ranking Analysis

    Recently updated list of Top Dating Sites worldwide do not provide any changes among top 10 dating sites and Badoo still remains as leader on the list. Secret Benefits makes first change on the list. It moves up by one position to 16th place. Similar move up is done by Jolly that moves to 19th […]